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Saturday, August 12, 2017

What to Write Your Found Relatives

What to Write Your Found Relatives

#Found #Relatives #Letter #Adoption #Adoptees #Birthparents #CocktailsAndSwagger

Friday, August 11, 2017

Friday, July 22, 2016

Pokemon Go and Fittest Summer Ever!

If you have not heard of Pokémon Go, I will forgive you. I am not always caught up on everything that is going on in the digital world. Many of my friends and relatives have been posting on social media about Pokémon Go, and the amount of walking and steps that they are getting in. Real steps, real fitness.
I have joined the craze to be a part of the fun when my nieces and I see one another. We are now going out and hunting for the Pokémon, comparing Pokémon, talking about the best techniques for throwing the Pokeballs at the little fellas and in general, having fun and a really good time. That is excellent.
In a time where people lament the lack of physical activities that the average person does in a day, Pokémon Go players are becoming more fit.
I am also learning more than Pokémon from my friends and family. The walking and talking has allowed us to all connect about the real goings on in our day to day lives, and to see each other in real life. That in itself is wonderful and amazing.
Gotta Catch 'Em All! Because each of those memories are priceless jewels!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Shopping Review...Classic Products Part 1

In my arsenal of beauty tools, there are some tools that I take for granted because they work, and they work really well. 

I am going to share with you some of the products in my daily life, and tell you my thoughts on them. 

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in either clear or natural tint. (Slightly coral watercolor in the bottle.)
First off, the bottle shape. I don't care about cute bottles with darling little shapes when I am doing my nails. I want to be able to get the bottle, grab the top, unscrew it and paint my nails. Sally Hansen's old time bottle is perfect. If all bottles came in this shape with the brush this length, I would be very content. 
The bottle is glass, the brush is the perfect length, and the cap is much shorter than most, which allows me to have better control over what I am doing. 

If you are using this product as a nail hardener, the bottle has some simple instructions. Follow them! Your nails will grow out and look luscious! 

I like this product because it has a very high shine to it. One coat looks like a hand buffed manicure, two coats looks like a very nice top coat, but three coats literally looks like polished glass. 

The wear of the product is good, too, so long as you do not do things like take long soaks in the tub, because it will lift right off. Other than that, you are good in the manicure department for 7-10 days, which I really like.  I know that Sally Hansen makes a product with color as well, but this one is my classic stand-by, Holy Grail of clear nail polish. My grandmother uses it, my mother, and many of my friends and family. I got the natural tint this time, next time I will get clear. I like them both, the color difference is very subtle, to be honest. 

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Such a long time since my last post! Updates!

It has been a really long time since the last time that I posted. I have been in the process of moving to a new place, and then, getting ready to move to Arizona for the summer to be with my sweetheart while he is stationed here in Arizona.

I am now in the Uptown part of Dallas.
I want to tell all of you about this wonderful place that is wonderful and picturesque.
Katy Trail.
I have been from one end of Katy trail to the other. I have walked it, jogged it and I have biked it.
Katy Trail is a really beautiful trail that connects to several parks along its' path, as well as some really beautiful overlooks of several streets along its' trail.

Katy is a very well maintained hard surface trail. (Both cement and tar top) that is one of the best that I have been to in the world. (Literally the world) It is friendly, everyone is really aware of everyone else, and there is a police presence there in the evenings on the times when I have been there in the evenings.

There are call boxes along the Katy, they have designation numbers so that you can tell the police where you are when you call. There are also water fountains, but, to be honest, I would like it if there were a few more fountains.

I have seen walkers, runners, sprinters, bikers, skaters, skateboarders, and families as well as singles all out, enjoying the Katy Trail. This is really a wonderful place to go and be in the city, but not feel as though you are in the middle of the city.  The paths are nice and even, with gentle rolling hills and turns that lead to visual interest as you go. The design of this wellness place was very well done and thought out.

If you start out at the Highland Park side (Dallas side of Highland Park, of course!) and go all the way to the other side, you are rewarded with a majestic view of the American Airlines Center when you complete the trail. Riding up from the AA center, you will notice that you are going uphill, but it is not so dramatic that you feel the need to get off your bike and push it up if you are pedaling. It is noticeable, but not painful.

Have not been on the trail yet? Look them up online, see where it is located and go see the trail!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Great Music from round the world

We all have that set of favorite CDs. The ones that live in the car, and we load them in as our faves. It may be recent tunes, old tunes, or a mix, but it seems as though everyone that I know has at least one favorite mix cd.

I have been updating all of my music lists as I get ready to go to Chez Preppy Pirate. In my doing so, I thought that I would share some of my music that world travels has led me to.

Dalida. She is wonderful She took her life, sadly, but lucky for us, her voice lives on in recordings. Some of my favorite pieces from her are Yalla Bin Yalla, Paroles, Paroles (Lies! Lies!), Salma Ya Salama, and Bambino. They are all wonderful, wonderful pieces. You do not have to understand the words to enjoy the works. Look up Dalida on YouTube to view her incredible stage presence. She clearly loves performing.

Next on the list is the delightful Mylene Farmer. Go look at the YouTube video for Appelle Mon Numero. What a lighthearted video that captures a sweet feeling. The tune is enchanting as well. She has many other songs, but that is my top pick.

Next on the list is Cleopatre - La derniere reine d'egypte - L'accord (Sofia Essaidi,Christopher Stills). The tune is very good, bouncy and dramatic. Great energy tune.

Another add is Medhy Custos - Mes Divas - Exclu Zouk 2008 (Sortie Decembre 2008) GREAT tune. Very nice.

Stanislas - La debacle des sentiments...The piano work on this piece at the beginning is so pleasant, his voice is lovely, it is a nice, easy piece to hear. As his emotions and the music swell, you feel as though you are with him.

Belly dance from Egypt Gamil Gamal slow gentle drums wake you up with a slow move up to faster and faster. Great one to have on the play list near the makeup table.

I will alway recall getting my makeup on in my Paris apartment, located on Rue Saint Honore, across from the Louvre when I recall these tunes, as well as looking out at the street when there was a protest from radical Muslims. I simply cranked the tunes and finished getting ready.

Have a pleasant day!