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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Great Music from round the world

We all have that set of favorite CDs. The ones that live in the car, and we load them in as our faves. It may be recent tunes, old tunes, or a mix, but it seems as though everyone that I know has at least one favorite mix cd.

I have been updating all of my music lists as I get ready to go to Chez Preppy Pirate. In my doing so, I thought that I would share some of my music that world travels has led me to.

Dalida. She is wonderful She took her life, sadly, but lucky for us, her voice lives on in recordings. Some of my favorite pieces from her are Yalla Bin Yalla, Paroles, Paroles (Lies! Lies!), Salma Ya Salama, and Bambino. They are all wonderful, wonderful pieces. You do not have to understand the words to enjoy the works. Look up Dalida on YouTube to view her incredible stage presence. She clearly loves performing.

Next on the list is the delightful Mylene Farmer. Go look at the YouTube video for Appelle Mon Numero. What a lighthearted video that captures a sweet feeling. The tune is enchanting as well. She has many other songs, but that is my top pick.

Next on the list is Cleopatre - La derniere reine d'egypte - L'accord (Sofia Essaidi,Christopher Stills). The tune is very good, bouncy and dramatic. Great energy tune.

Another add is Medhy Custos - Mes Divas - Exclu Zouk 2008 (Sortie Decembre 2008) GREAT tune. Very nice.

Stanislas - La debacle des sentiments...The piano work on this piece at the beginning is so pleasant, his voice is lovely, it is a nice, easy piece to hear. As his emotions and the music swell, you feel as though you are with him.

Belly dance from Egypt Gamil Gamal slow gentle drums wake you up with a slow move up to faster and faster. Great one to have on the play list near the makeup table.

I will alway recall getting my makeup on in my Paris apartment, located on Rue Saint Honore, across from the Louvre when I recall these tunes, as well as looking out at the street when there was a protest from radical Muslims. I simply cranked the tunes and finished getting ready.

Have a pleasant day!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh Northpark! I MISSED you!

Getting ready to move to Chez Preppy has me so busy! I am absolutely ASHAMED I have not been on here.

Let me tell you all about my shopping experience this weekend at the absolutely best mall in Dallas...Northpark mall.
Devout readers know that I love Northpark. It is my go to mall. I refer people there all the time.

Stopped in and saw the lovely people at Lilly Pulitzer during their promo. The store is beyond good. Really. Beyond. Understated store. Very gentle pinks and soft muted whites. Very sweet gentle arches that really cause you to feel like you are in someones' fabulous beach home. The merchandise is displayed so beautifully. Music is perfect. It really is a well done tribute to Lilly. Staff was fabulous. They informed me about the product lines, told me some very adorable anecdotal information, and I just wanted to squeeze them all. You simply have to make some time on your planner to do a shop-by with them. (They have the best polo and golf shirts right now)

Also at Lilly is a great hostess gift. They have ball point pens at the$20.00 price point. You need to grab some of these. I swooned over them. Think I may need to go back after I am in Chez Preppy.....

Onward from there I went to Louis Vuitton. What a great salon Vuitton created there. The feeling is not the level of magical as the Paris salon, but, it is very good. I insist that you stop by and see them because they have a metal (Aluminum, I think) sculpture of a vintage Vuitton piece on display that is very exciting to see in person. Staff was displaying impeccable manners. Ben was the associate I spoke to, and he was a complete delight in every way. We chatted bags for a good long time, and he has now inspired me to think about getting the Vuitton interpretation of a Kelly bag.  I was made to feel very at home here, too.

Tiffany Jewelers. Oh, how I love the pieces that I own from Tiffany Jewelers. The places that my Tiffany pieces and I have been to. Sadly, this is not going to be a happy story about my time at Tiffany's. I walked in, admiring all of the lovely displays that they have. Pausing here and there, it was magical. I always think of all of the places I have been to when I have on my pieces. Tiffany is like a trip down memory lane for me. When my mother was very ill, she wanted the (at that time) new perfume released from Tiffany. I phone Neiman Marcus and had it sent to her via courier. She would speak of that for years, telling that story, and it was great. (Although it came to her from NM, it was a T product.)

Anyway, I walked in, shopped a bit, and waited around. There were three items that I wanted to look at. I was never attended to in the 21 minutes that I waited. (I timed it.) One of the sales associates greeted 2 customers that arrived after I did, giving them service ahead of me. As I was leaving the rear salon, the guard asked me if I needed help. I expressed to him what happened with the poor service and I left. It broke my heart, because Tiffany Jewelers  is one of the places that I come to see every time that I am at Northpark center. My feelings are very hurt, and I am actually shocked.

From there, a cheery place in my heart happened. I stopped in to see the lovely Cartier store. What a lovely store. The staff there were delightful. If you are going there, do stop in and see them, but contact me first, and I will tell you the name of my sales associate so that you will meet the nicest lady ever at Cartier. First class service, and first class attention to detail. I now love this shop. If you stop in, you will, too.

I plan on going back more thoroughly when I am settled in, more reviews on Northpark center to come. (And photos)


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Invites and social things.....

Dallas is one of the easiest cities to "Have Something To Do." It is a place surrounded by suburbs, and we love arts, culture, and doing things. Look at the rag called the Observer, and it has loads of things listed so that you need not be bored and listless.

This coming Friday is Late Nights at the Dallas Museum of Art. I love this place. On Fridays that are Late Nights, the DMA is packed with couples and families, and it is a lot of fun to see that part of the museum. I have a membership, and I love being a member of the DMA. I hope that you will be inspired to come and see some of the wonderful things that dwell within the walls of this awesome museum.

I have also been invited to an interfaith meal to honor Dr. Martin Luther King. Sadly, because of the media, most all of us know of Dr. King is the 15 second sound bite that they play of "I have a dream." It is so sad, because in its' entirety, the speech is so very eloquent and beautiful. Dr. King dreamed of a time when all races would be equal, and all peoples would stand on a platform of equality. Although we are still struggling, we have made many strides since the times of Dr. King and the blatant discrimination that he faced in his lifetime. I must say, we still have a long way to go, but, thankfully, we are moving forward.
Should you wish to attend, here is the information.

What an Auction it is....

The images are boggling to the mind. Countless images of Louis Vuitton bags, Vuitton shoes, Gucci, all the very best brands. They silently tell a story of greed. The Madoff items are now being sold at auction. The government is selling these things. I look. I think "Do I want the Vuitton bucket? The listing is currently at 95.00. It is authentic. I know that I will bid on some things. Maybe I will win them.

A Chanel purse tells a sad tale. Photographed, it still holds the tag on the inside, but there is also evidence looking at the "floorboard" of the purse that it was used at least one time. (Simple purse debris) How sad that buying all of these luxury things was being done on the savings of other people.

Do go. Have a look. The photographs are very good. Well done. Many things are beyond my price points, but, I can look.
How about the brass Vuitton paperweights? A steal at the current price. http://www.usmarshals.gov/assets/sales.htm Should you want to see. They are also selling the houses. A 2000 Mercedes sits there, the high bid is currently $5900.00.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Beloved Vuitton

When my apartment was robbed, my collection of all Vuitton was lost because of the villains. I am now looking to replace my beloved Popincourt Haut.
Does anyone know of where in Dallas I could go to view a vintage one?
Today I will be going to the Lilly event, and I will be stopping at Vuitton at Northpark, but I am told that their stock is extinguished for right now.

I will be posting my wish list of sources later in the day.

All the best!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Lilly Pulitzer!

Tomorrow you simply must make time and go to Lilly Pulitzer at Northpark Mall. They are having an event at 10AM for Ocean Conservancy. It is a Shop and Share event.
Lilly is one of my FAVE places to shop. When I have something Lilly, all is right with the world.

Ages ago, I had a darling Lilly apron that I beyond loved. When my place was robbed a few years ago and they cleaned me out, it was one of the things that they took. (And my pink and green Roxy espadrilles! Those villains!)

Anyway, make time to make a difference and shop by!

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gregory from St. Georges

His name was Gregory and he was from St. George's, Bermuda. He lived in the small house across the street from ours in San Antonio.
He was red headed and had the best accent. It was like mint on a fresh cotton pillowcase...crisp and sweet.
Word came that he needed to go home. Family emergency.
He packed his life up into cardboard boxes, loaded them and left me behind, a 15 year old girl crushing on the red-headed man.
Perfect gentleman to the end, he left me with some parting gifts to remember him by. It was one of these gifts, a small whisper of a handkerchief that drew me into the breathlessly wonderful combinations of lace and embroidery. When I do get to England, or any of the English islands, I do stock up on linen things that I will use. It is so tempting to buy scads of things that I do not even have a use for, but, I resist.

 There is a place on the internet. Well, there are many, but this one has lace parasols. Swoon. $42.00 gets you a hemstitched one. They also have colors and lace panels.

Something else they have is lace handkerchiefs. They are really lovely things. Do go and see them. Simply lovely things.

Simply Brave for 2010

I have done some very brave things for this year, and we are not even two weeks into 2010 yet. I am very proud, nervous, and excited.

I sent off an awesome email to one of my favorite shops, asking about products and such.
I sent off for information on some social clubs and such that I have always wanted to be a part of.
I created one club that already has over 50 members in less than a week.
I looked at the school I will be applying to, and I decided (finally) on what my major will be. (I knew what I wanted to do, I just did not know which courses I would need to take. So it is not like I am a flake.)

I am going to have a wonderful year, in spite of not feeling always chipper and top drawer.

January 15th is going to be the next Late Nights at the Dallas Museum of Art. Perhaps some of us can plan on meeting there! Comment below if you are interested, and I will take all contact info off list for privacy and safety!

What are your goals and thoughts and wishes and dreams for 2010? Are you working to make them happen?
I have begun to think of dreams and wishes as these wonderful things that have heartbeat and pulse if only we stay with them when they are frail and let them lean against us until they are viable on their own. I am nursing several of these dreams right now, and I hope that you are, too!

When I was speaking to my new apartments' manager today, she told me that two of the walls maybe painted in khaki and pink. I nearly happily swooned at this wonderful news. If they are, I will be allowed to keep them in those colors. If they are not....well there are always wonderful accessories!

Speaking of wonderful accessories, IKEA is having a wonderful sale right now. Part of my weekend is already allotted to spending some time in their linens section for my bed. Have you been? Go look online at the selections! Some are really quite nice. I have said before and I will repeat. When IKEA first came to Dallas, I really wanted to not like them. There are still parts that I do not like, but, there are some things that they have that are lovely. Organizational, they have some great things. Linens, they have some wondrous things. Go and look. Chez Preppy Pirate's English cottage will be featuring some IKEA in the lines. Bring color swatches with you. My mom always puts little threads in a Ziploc, I taught her that little trick. It guarantees a perfect match every time.  How cute is that embroidered duvet cover? Perhaps a larger scale than the Cottage look I am going for, however if you have a larger space, IKEA for 40.00 gets you the cover and a matching pillowcase.

Feeling like hiding some  underbed storage...I mean feeling like making the bed look prettier?  The IKEA bedskirts are nicely ruffled, and 19.99 is a really great price! That price, by the way is for the King and Queen. The children's bedding is a steal at 14.99!

Have a wonderful week!!!! I am sure that I will be adding more, but it looks like my weekend may be running away from me!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Interesting Shops you may have never known about!

Oh Dallas! What wonderful shopping you have! It has been said that if you cannot find it in Dallas, you cannot find it anywhere. While I cannot vouch for THAT sentiment, I can assure you that in Dallas, we love to shop.

Here are some hidden gems that I really love to stop by and shop in!

Junkadoodle! Oh heavens! This place is fun! Remember your aunt that had the dotty taste? The one that some things were trash, but some things were TREASURE? Junkadoodle is all that! They have loads of original artwork.  Paintings here are really unique, none of the cookie cutter stamping out project here.  This piece is one of my faves, it reminds me of my mother, who adores quilting. Perhaps I should phone and see if this is still available...

Do stop in and see these lovely people, tell them I sent you.

St. Vincent De Paul Thrift store! This store is a jewel. When you shop there, you are visiting money on their charity, and that is wonderful. Additionally, you are finding some wonderful things for yourself. A friend of mine got a terrific buffalo's blood leather chair, brass nailhead accent, beautiful button tuck for such a steal that I am jealous. I once found the best pair of Mia navy blue strappy's in a price range that was less than 40.00!

Century Modern... Oh dear! Under storage, they have a diva-worthy gilded chest that I am currently debating. $295.00. Does not actually GO with the English cottage theme I am creating for Chez Preppy Pirate, but it is REALLY good.

Now, those who know me know I am in LOVE with the lovely Cath Kidston and I think that her ideas and designs are beyond good. Should she ever have a store here, I will assuredly write of it and let everyone know. Heavens, I will beg to be a hostess for a welcoming party!  Until that day, I make do with little finds here and there. I think I need to go to Europe this summer. Missing the Cath stores is such torture!

One of my most favorite places to eat in the DFW metroplex is the restaurant attached to the Krishna temple in Dallas. Well worth the drive to this little residential neighborhood is Kalachandjis. Their selections are excellent. I have taken my meals both indoors and out, and I simply must refer you to this wonderful place. Completely vegetarian. They will point out, in small signs above the buffet,  for the vegan consumer what offerings are safe to have. This is a restaurant attached to a church, so please, be respectful of the thoughts and ideals of others when you are there. The staff were exceptionally nice to me on the last time that I visited. I expressed that I was going on a journey overseas, and I wanted to remember them while I was gone. I paid my check, and the waitress came back with an extra piece of bread for me to enjoy while I was there. The tea is the best I have ever had in a restaurant.  A small gift shop is also on the grounds. Loads of wonderful things in the gift shop. They accept Visa, too! Please, should you decide to visit the worship temple, follow all of the instructions on the outer door. (Remove shoes and store them in shoe room) For those that cook, there are classes offered. To take friends is to give a key to the secret Dallas that few know of.

Now I am off to enjoy the faint remainder of my day by reading.

Have a wonderful week!
The Preppy Pirate!

Some wonderful Organizations

2010 is upon us, and so are those New Years' Resolutions!

There are many wonderful places that you can be a part of. I strongly advise doing something with interests that you are already a part of .
A quick trip over to http://www.meetup.com , entering your zip code and perusing the listings can be a start. I have to admit smiling about some of the very clever names that some of the groups have come up with.

Also always in need in the volunteering way is Boys and Girls Club. I am a former volunteer with them. They were a stellar organization. Trust me, what you put into this one, you will get back 1000 fold. The little girl that I was matched with was simply wonderful in many ways.

Finally in my volunteer ideas, there are loads of hospitals and other health care organizations in all areas. Call them and see if they have a need for anything. Some of the hospital situations are very nice.

Make a difference and others!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Weirs' Outlet

Well! I have the nicest set of blog readers! I just got a lovely link from a few concerned pals in regards to my soon to happen furniture shopping...
Weir's Furniture has an outlet! I just entered their contact information into my phone. Please! If you have been here, do comment and let me know what you thought of the experience as well as the pieces that were there and finally, the pricing!

My mother, total angel that she is, offered me her small leather sofa to go into my place, as well as a desk that I have been in love with for some time. Until I get to Chez Preppy Pirate with measuring tape and swatches, I cannot commit. (I do hope that it fits, though)

I DID make a decision about something, though. Since my space is SO small, I will be seriously working in to my design a room divider/screen/room partition. It simply has to be so. I cannot bear the thought of a sofa/daybed. I mean, they are darling and all, but assuredly not the look that I want for Chez Preppy Pirate. I am thinking English Cottage for my decor. Hello Cath Kidston!

My mother has said that she would make curtains if I would get the measurements....I have a wonderful mother, and I am, indeed, blessed.

Another great store that I may or may not have mentioned is Nadeau. They have selections and their prices are nice. Brightly colored things remind me of Morocco and India, dancing colors of centuries. I adore one of their room screens, and there is also a wonderful a delightful cheerful dresser that I will be measuring for.

I was lamenting to a friend "The Old Pier One" versus "The New Pier One" and we MISS the Old Pier one very much. But, World Market does an admirable job of filling in gaps. I really miss the Old Pier one's annual offering of Chinese silk pincushions. They were so sweet, little Chinese children hugging round the cushion.  I have purchased many of things, some for me, and some for gifts. Alas, Pier One of long ago, with porcelain rests for chopsticks and little silk pincushions, smelling of incense is long gone.

Crate and Barrel...crate it up and send it to me!

Crate and Barrel has wonderful outlet locations, and there is one that is near me.
A friend of mine telephoned me to tell me of some of the wonderful deals that she was able to snatch up. Of course, there are loads of after-holiday goods to be snagged, such as golden holiday candles priced at half of their original tags. Even greater savings for ones that have little scratches and such.
One  of my friends has a cuticle trimmer...you all know the one, the metal one with the "v' shaped notched blade at the base. She uses it to make those scratches into intentional shapes and swirls. Assuredly, that adds a uniqueness to the candle. I am a big lover of burning candles. They add nostalgia and elegance to any setting. Be safe, though, and never set lone candles directly on a surface. Candle plates are wonderful, and they eliminate wax drips from marring surfaces.
See if there is a Crate and Barrel in your area and swing by right now while they have some really nice things on clearance.

In addition to the holiday sales, C&B also has some sales on summer goods, such as grilling tools. Great time to stock up before the prices go up. C&B additionally has an online outlet, but the selection there is different from what I have found in my brick and mortar store. So, there are two options for those of you who live near an outlet, but online is still there for those who do not.

I have always been pleased with the quality of the things that I have selected from C&B, they seem to be well made, their glasses that I had from over 10 years ago were in excellent shape, the only reason that I was parting with them is because of the fact that they were wedding gifts from my failed marriage. Silly though it may seem, seeing the glasses that my former spouse used to drink from always made me heartsick in a way.  Parting with them at the time was a smart move. I may replace them with a similar set when I move this month to my so small efficiency in Park Cities.

I got a wonderful piece of advice a long time ago from a friend. If you want to maintain your dishes without having to replace the whole set, buy classic pieces in patterns that have been around. Trendy is fun, but when a beloved piece breaks and the design is closed, the heartbreak in trying to find new can be agonizing.
  With that in mind, when I get things for the kitchen, I make the decision of "Love it forever" or "Love it for a while". If it is "Love it for a while", then when it is done, it is done. If it is "Love it forever, then a much more careful selection is made.

I will be sharing info about China patterns later this month, so I hope that everyone loves the books as much as I do!

Until then,