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Friday, January 1, 2010

Weirs' Outlet

Well! I have the nicest set of blog readers! I just got a lovely link from a few concerned pals in regards to my soon to happen furniture shopping...
Weir's Furniture has an outlet! I just entered their contact information into my phone. Please! If you have been here, do comment and let me know what you thought of the experience as well as the pieces that were there and finally, the pricing!

My mother, total angel that she is, offered me her small leather sofa to go into my place, as well as a desk that I have been in love with for some time. Until I get to Chez Preppy Pirate with measuring tape and swatches, I cannot commit. (I do hope that it fits, though)

I DID make a decision about something, though. Since my space is SO small, I will be seriously working in to my design a room divider/screen/room partition. It simply has to be so. I cannot bear the thought of a sofa/daybed. I mean, they are darling and all, but assuredly not the look that I want for Chez Preppy Pirate. I am thinking English Cottage for my decor. Hello Cath Kidston!

My mother has said that she would make curtains if I would get the measurements....I have a wonderful mother, and I am, indeed, blessed.

Another great store that I may or may not have mentioned is Nadeau. They have selections and their prices are nice. Brightly colored things remind me of Morocco and India, dancing colors of centuries. I adore one of their room screens, and there is also a wonderful a delightful cheerful dresser that I will be measuring for.

I was lamenting to a friend "The Old Pier One" versus "The New Pier One" and we MISS the Old Pier one very much. But, World Market does an admirable job of filling in gaps. I really miss the Old Pier one's annual offering of Chinese silk pincushions. They were so sweet, little Chinese children hugging round the cushion.  I have purchased many of things, some for me, and some for gifts. Alas, Pier One of long ago, with porcelain rests for chopsticks and little silk pincushions, smelling of incense is long gone.

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