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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Interesting Shops you may have never known about!

Oh Dallas! What wonderful shopping you have! It has been said that if you cannot find it in Dallas, you cannot find it anywhere. While I cannot vouch for THAT sentiment, I can assure you that in Dallas, we love to shop.

Here are some hidden gems that I really love to stop by and shop in!

Junkadoodle! Oh heavens! This place is fun! Remember your aunt that had the dotty taste? The one that some things were trash, but some things were TREASURE? Junkadoodle is all that! They have loads of original artwork.  Paintings here are really unique, none of the cookie cutter stamping out project here.  This piece is one of my faves, it reminds me of my mother, who adores quilting. Perhaps I should phone and see if this is still available...

Do stop in and see these lovely people, tell them I sent you.

St. Vincent De Paul Thrift store! This store is a jewel. When you shop there, you are visiting money on their charity, and that is wonderful. Additionally, you are finding some wonderful things for yourself. A friend of mine got a terrific buffalo's blood leather chair, brass nailhead accent, beautiful button tuck for such a steal that I am jealous. I once found the best pair of Mia navy blue strappy's in a price range that was less than 40.00!

Century Modern... Oh dear! Under storage, they have a diva-worthy gilded chest that I am currently debating. $295.00. Does not actually GO with the English cottage theme I am creating for Chez Preppy Pirate, but it is REALLY good.

Now, those who know me know I am in LOVE with the lovely Cath Kidston and I think that her ideas and designs are beyond good. Should she ever have a store here, I will assuredly write of it and let everyone know. Heavens, I will beg to be a hostess for a welcoming party!  Until that day, I make do with little finds here and there. I think I need to go to Europe this summer. Missing the Cath stores is such torture!

One of my most favorite places to eat in the DFW metroplex is the restaurant attached to the Krishna temple in Dallas. Well worth the drive to this little residential neighborhood is Kalachandjis. Their selections are excellent. I have taken my meals both indoors and out, and I simply must refer you to this wonderful place. Completely vegetarian. They will point out, in small signs above the buffet,  for the vegan consumer what offerings are safe to have. This is a restaurant attached to a church, so please, be respectful of the thoughts and ideals of others when you are there. The staff were exceptionally nice to me on the last time that I visited. I expressed that I was going on a journey overseas, and I wanted to remember them while I was gone. I paid my check, and the waitress came back with an extra piece of bread for me to enjoy while I was there. The tea is the best I have ever had in a restaurant.  A small gift shop is also on the grounds. Loads of wonderful things in the gift shop. They accept Visa, too! Please, should you decide to visit the worship temple, follow all of the instructions on the outer door. (Remove shoes and store them in shoe room) For those that cook, there are classes offered. To take friends is to give a key to the secret Dallas that few know of.

Now I am off to enjoy the faint remainder of my day by reading.

Have a wonderful week!
The Preppy Pirate!

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