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Sunday, January 10, 2010

What an Auction it is....

The images are boggling to the mind. Countless images of Louis Vuitton bags, Vuitton shoes, Gucci, all the very best brands. They silently tell a story of greed. The Madoff items are now being sold at auction. The government is selling these things. I look. I think "Do I want the Vuitton bucket? The listing is currently at 95.00. It is authentic. I know that I will bid on some things. Maybe I will win them.

A Chanel purse tells a sad tale. Photographed, it still holds the tag on the inside, but there is also evidence looking at the "floorboard" of the purse that it was used at least one time. (Simple purse debris) How sad that buying all of these luxury things was being done on the savings of other people.

Do go. Have a look. The photographs are very good. Well done. Many things are beyond my price points, but, I can look.
How about the brass Vuitton paperweights? A steal at the current price. http://www.usmarshals.gov/assets/sales.htm Should you want to see. They are also selling the houses. A 2000 Mercedes sits there, the high bid is currently $5900.00.

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