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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh Northpark! I MISSED you!

Getting ready to move to Chez Preppy has me so busy! I am absolutely ASHAMED I have not been on here.

Let me tell you all about my shopping experience this weekend at the absolutely best mall in Dallas...Northpark mall.
Devout readers know that I love Northpark. It is my go to mall. I refer people there all the time.

Stopped in and saw the lovely people at Lilly Pulitzer during their promo. The store is beyond good. Really. Beyond. Understated store. Very gentle pinks and soft muted whites. Very sweet gentle arches that really cause you to feel like you are in someones' fabulous beach home. The merchandise is displayed so beautifully. Music is perfect. It really is a well done tribute to Lilly. Staff was fabulous. They informed me about the product lines, told me some very adorable anecdotal information, and I just wanted to squeeze them all. You simply have to make some time on your planner to do a shop-by with them. (They have the best polo and golf shirts right now)

Also at Lilly is a great hostess gift. They have ball point pens at the$20.00 price point. You need to grab some of these. I swooned over them. Think I may need to go back after I am in Chez Preppy.....

Onward from there I went to Louis Vuitton. What a great salon Vuitton created there. The feeling is not the level of magical as the Paris salon, but, it is very good. I insist that you stop by and see them because they have a metal (Aluminum, I think) sculpture of a vintage Vuitton piece on display that is very exciting to see in person. Staff was displaying impeccable manners. Ben was the associate I spoke to, and he was a complete delight in every way. We chatted bags for a good long time, and he has now inspired me to think about getting the Vuitton interpretation of a Kelly bag.  I was made to feel very at home here, too.

Tiffany Jewelers. Oh, how I love the pieces that I own from Tiffany Jewelers. The places that my Tiffany pieces and I have been to. Sadly, this is not going to be a happy story about my time at Tiffany's. I walked in, admiring all of the lovely displays that they have. Pausing here and there, it was magical. I always think of all of the places I have been to when I have on my pieces. Tiffany is like a trip down memory lane for me. When my mother was very ill, she wanted the (at that time) new perfume released from Tiffany. I phone Neiman Marcus and had it sent to her via courier. She would speak of that for years, telling that story, and it was great. (Although it came to her from NM, it was a T product.)

Anyway, I walked in, shopped a bit, and waited around. There were three items that I wanted to look at. I was never attended to in the 21 minutes that I waited. (I timed it.) One of the sales associates greeted 2 customers that arrived after I did, giving them service ahead of me. As I was leaving the rear salon, the guard asked me if I needed help. I expressed to him what happened with the poor service and I left. It broke my heart, because Tiffany Jewelers  is one of the places that I come to see every time that I am at Northpark center. My feelings are very hurt, and I am actually shocked.

From there, a cheery place in my heart happened. I stopped in to see the lovely Cartier store. What a lovely store. The staff there were delightful. If you are going there, do stop in and see them, but contact me first, and I will tell you the name of my sales associate so that you will meet the nicest lady ever at Cartier. First class service, and first class attention to detail. I now love this shop. If you stop in, you will, too.

I plan on going back more thoroughly when I am settled in, more reviews on Northpark center to come. (And photos)


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