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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gregory from St. Georges

His name was Gregory and he was from St. George's, Bermuda. He lived in the small house across the street from ours in San Antonio.
He was red headed and had the best accent. It was like mint on a fresh cotton pillowcase...crisp and sweet.
Word came that he needed to go home. Family emergency.
He packed his life up into cardboard boxes, loaded them and left me behind, a 15 year old girl crushing on the red-headed man.
Perfect gentleman to the end, he left me with some parting gifts to remember him by. It was one of these gifts, a small whisper of a handkerchief that drew me into the breathlessly wonderful combinations of lace and embroidery. When I do get to England, or any of the English islands, I do stock up on linen things that I will use. It is so tempting to buy scads of things that I do not even have a use for, but, I resist.

 There is a place on the internet. Well, there are many, but this one has lace parasols. Swoon. $42.00 gets you a hemstitched one. They also have colors and lace panels.

Something else they have is lace handkerchiefs. They are really lovely things. Do go and see them. Simply lovely things.

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