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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Invites and social things.....

Dallas is one of the easiest cities to "Have Something To Do." It is a place surrounded by suburbs, and we love arts, culture, and doing things. Look at the rag called the Observer, and it has loads of things listed so that you need not be bored and listless.

This coming Friday is Late Nights at the Dallas Museum of Art. I love this place. On Fridays that are Late Nights, the DMA is packed with couples and families, and it is a lot of fun to see that part of the museum. I have a membership, and I love being a member of the DMA. I hope that you will be inspired to come and see some of the wonderful things that dwell within the walls of this awesome museum.

I have also been invited to an interfaith meal to honor Dr. Martin Luther King. Sadly, because of the media, most all of us know of Dr. King is the 15 second sound bite that they play of "I have a dream." It is so sad, because in its' entirety, the speech is so very eloquent and beautiful. Dr. King dreamed of a time when all races would be equal, and all peoples would stand on a platform of equality. Although we are still struggling, we have made many strides since the times of Dr. King and the blatant discrimination that he faced in his lifetime. I must say, we still have a long way to go, but, thankfully, we are moving forward.
Should you wish to attend, here is the information.

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