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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Some wonderful Organizations

2010 is upon us, and so are those New Years' Resolutions!

There are many wonderful places that you can be a part of. I strongly advise doing something with interests that you are already a part of .
A quick trip over to http://www.meetup.com , entering your zip code and perusing the listings can be a start. I have to admit smiling about some of the very clever names that some of the groups have come up with.

Also always in need in the volunteering way is Boys and Girls Club. I am a former volunteer with them. They were a stellar organization. Trust me, what you put into this one, you will get back 1000 fold. The little girl that I was matched with was simply wonderful in many ways.

Finally in my volunteer ideas, there are loads of hospitals and other health care organizations in all areas. Call them and see if they have a need for anything. Some of the hospital situations are very nice.

Make a difference and others!

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