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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Simply Brave for 2010

I have done some very brave things for this year, and we are not even two weeks into 2010 yet. I am very proud, nervous, and excited.

I sent off an awesome email to one of my favorite shops, asking about products and such.
I sent off for information on some social clubs and such that I have always wanted to be a part of.
I created one club that already has over 50 members in less than a week.
I looked at the school I will be applying to, and I decided (finally) on what my major will be. (I knew what I wanted to do, I just did not know which courses I would need to take. So it is not like I am a flake.)

I am going to have a wonderful year, in spite of not feeling always chipper and top drawer.

January 15th is going to be the next Late Nights at the Dallas Museum of Art. Perhaps some of us can plan on meeting there! Comment below if you are interested, and I will take all contact info off list for privacy and safety!

What are your goals and thoughts and wishes and dreams for 2010? Are you working to make them happen?
I have begun to think of dreams and wishes as these wonderful things that have heartbeat and pulse if only we stay with them when they are frail and let them lean against us until they are viable on their own. I am nursing several of these dreams right now, and I hope that you are, too!

When I was speaking to my new apartments' manager today, she told me that two of the walls maybe painted in khaki and pink. I nearly happily swooned at this wonderful news. If they are, I will be allowed to keep them in those colors. If they are not....well there are always wonderful accessories!

Speaking of wonderful accessories, IKEA is having a wonderful sale right now. Part of my weekend is already allotted to spending some time in their linens section for my bed. Have you been? Go look online at the selections! Some are really quite nice. I have said before and I will repeat. When IKEA first came to Dallas, I really wanted to not like them. There are still parts that I do not like, but, there are some things that they have that are lovely. Organizational, they have some great things. Linens, they have some wondrous things. Go and look. Chez Preppy Pirate's English cottage will be featuring some IKEA in the lines. Bring color swatches with you. My mom always puts little threads in a Ziploc, I taught her that little trick. It guarantees a perfect match every time.  How cute is that embroidered duvet cover? Perhaps a larger scale than the Cottage look I am going for, however if you have a larger space, IKEA for 40.00 gets you the cover and a matching pillowcase.

Feeling like hiding some  underbed storage...I mean feeling like making the bed look prettier?  The IKEA bedskirts are nicely ruffled, and 19.99 is a really great price! That price, by the way is for the King and Queen. The children's bedding is a steal at 14.99!

Have a wonderful week!!!! I am sure that I will be adding more, but it looks like my weekend may be running away from me!

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