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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Great Music from round the world

We all have that set of favorite CDs. The ones that live in the car, and we load them in as our faves. It may be recent tunes, old tunes, or a mix, but it seems as though everyone that I know has at least one favorite mix cd.

I have been updating all of my music lists as I get ready to go to Chez Preppy Pirate. In my doing so, I thought that I would share some of my music that world travels has led me to.

Dalida. She is wonderful She took her life, sadly, but lucky for us, her voice lives on in recordings. Some of my favorite pieces from her are Yalla Bin Yalla, Paroles, Paroles (Lies! Lies!), Salma Ya Salama, and Bambino. They are all wonderful, wonderful pieces. You do not have to understand the words to enjoy the works. Look up Dalida on YouTube to view her incredible stage presence. She clearly loves performing.

Next on the list is the delightful Mylene Farmer. Go look at the YouTube video for Appelle Mon Numero. What a lighthearted video that captures a sweet feeling. The tune is enchanting as well. She has many other songs, but that is my top pick.

Next on the list is Cleopatre - La derniere reine d'egypte - L'accord (Sofia Essaidi,Christopher Stills). The tune is very good, bouncy and dramatic. Great energy tune.

Another add is Medhy Custos - Mes Divas - Exclu Zouk 2008 (Sortie Decembre 2008) GREAT tune. Very nice.

Stanislas - La debacle des sentiments...The piano work on this piece at the beginning is so pleasant, his voice is lovely, it is a nice, easy piece to hear. As his emotions and the music swell, you feel as though you are with him.

Belly dance from Egypt Gamil Gamal slow gentle drums wake you up with a slow move up to faster and faster. Great one to have on the play list near the makeup table.

I will alway recall getting my makeup on in my Paris apartment, located on Rue Saint Honore, across from the Louvre when I recall these tunes, as well as looking out at the street when there was a protest from radical Muslims. I simply cranked the tunes and finished getting ready.

Have a pleasant day!

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