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Monday, December 28, 2009

Sales in Dallas

There are some wonderful post-holiday sales in Dallas right now. Some are from my favorite places, too.

Here are some wonderful places to go in Dallas for shopping:

http://www.pierredeux.com/ They are having their annual winter sale and it is FABUL
OUS! Up to 70 percent off of things. I have a fave salesperson there, too! Email me privately for details.

http://www.paintyerpottery.com/ Oh my goodness! I have been here a few times with friends, we have made fun things, and you get to come back and bring something wonderful home with you after it is fired. Go, check them out!

http://www.jessicakagancushman.com/index.php I have loved her bracelets for a very long time. They make me smile. (The Nantucket, of COURSE!) A bit pricey to some, but they are handmade and I love the idea of handmade!

While out shopping, do stop at the wonderful Avila's Mexican restaurant. It is beyond really wonderful. http://www.yelp.com/biz/avilas-mexican-restaurant-dallas Here are some reviews for you to think about.

I am loathe to share this in one way, and yet, I am compelled to because I do not want this business to not have business and go away. http://www.pinkandthings.com/ Suzie Q imports is the owner of this store. They have been a mainstay of mine ever since Sam Moon became big box. The store can be a bit junky to see at
times, especially if they have just done a show. But they have some wonderful selections that make Mr. Moon look very pricey. Create an account with them if you need to know the prices online before you go in. They have loads more things that are not online, though. A piece of advice: If you see something there that you like, get it that very visit. Inventory changes very fast, and there is a good chance that it will not be there when you come back to see it again. Last time I was there, Suzie Q has rings that looked VERY similar to Chanel camellia rings.
They were darling. I grabbed some and have gotten
scads of complements off of them. They were cheap enough that I went and bought some to give out as gifts. To the right is the Chanel Ring as seen in Architectural Digest. It is a Glam Slam home run, for sure. Delicate, yet bold, spicy and saucy, it is really a perfect friend for the right hand.

But...alas, the price. Can be a bit of a stumper for a single gal like myself. Thankfully, the lovely stock at Suzie Q. is able to help me.
Here is a stock photo of ONE of the designs they carry.
In store, they have a larger selection.

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